Milo was admitted to the Society in 2008, along with two other cobs Stitch and Rags. Milo arrived at the SWHP following a call from the police about an accident involving multiple horses. Three of the horses had already died and three others were injured. The three injured cobs were loaded into our horse ambulance with the help of several police officers, and transported back to the SWHP to receive immediate veterinary attention.

Milo was suffering from a head injury and internal damage, he also had ringworm.

 Thankfully Milo, Stitch and Rags, all made a successful recovery and are all in wonderful homes.  Milo is now enjoying life as a riding horse along with two other SWHP horses, Florence and Lottie.


Milo in 2008.

milo resize 1.jpg

Three SWHP horses - Florence, Lottie & Milo in December 2014.