Little Miracle

May 2009

He was brought to us in the boot of a car, the mother having sadly been euthanaised by the vet following a traumatic foaling.  The mother was a 8hh shetland pony and he is a very large foal weighing 28kg; the sire being unknown.  When we took the foal in he had no use of his back legs at all as they were damaged through the difficult foaling.

Miracle 1

Little Miracle 12.05.09 - resting just after arrival at the Horse Hospital

We could see that he was a fighter as he was very keen on the bottle with a very strong suck, so we decided we would give him a chance.

He is being fed every two hours night and day with a special foal milk and has received special treatment from Emma Simpson with her 'Game Ready' machine.  This machine is described as a 'dry cold active compression accelerated healing machine' and is wonderful for lots of different conditions in horses and ponies - her website is:

Miracle 2

Little Miracle using the 'Game Ready' Machine

Since using the machine he has made a dramatic recovery, by standing after the treatment with the aid of slings and during the night of the 13th May he stood unaided for the first time and by the morning of the 14th May he was taking his first cautious steps.  He is growing stronger with every feed and to help him he will be receiving a  transfusion of plasma to boost his immune system, as the vets reported he had no antibodies in his blood due to him not receiving the colostrum rich first milk from his mum.  It is still early days but we felt the name 'Little miracle' was very apt and suited him very well.

Miracle 3

Being supported in a sling 13.05.09 straight after 'game ready' treatment


Standing unaided having a bottle of milk 14.05.09

Miracle 5

Coming out of the stable for a walk and to see the world 14.05.09

Miracle 6

18.05.09 - Standing confidently this evening for his bottle, with his hind legs well underneath him.  He jumped up unaided for his meal - a happy sight.

Miracle 7

20.05.09 - Saying hello to Spanner and Stitch and  being very brave

28.05.09 - He is currently battling an infection in one of his quarters due to a haematoma caused by him lying on a sharp object in the back of the car, when he came to us.  There was no visible wound when he arrived, but last week the infection showed itself, as you will see in the picture below.

Miracle 8

This picture was taken 26.05.09 showing how bad the infection was.  We are pleased to say that with antibiotics and regular flushing the wound already looks considerable better and he has been skipping around the garden showing he has a lot of spirit and fight in him.

Miracle 9

26.05.09 - having a good suck on the bottle of milk (disguised in a wine bottle with teat adaption!)

Miracle 10

Miracle 11

28.05.09  Little Miracle has two new friends.

04.06.09 Little Miracle was rushed to the vets today with a very lame front leg and swollen knee.  Jenny and Alasdair got to the vets for 09.00, unfortunately all the vets were out on difficult foalings and they had to wait.  Jenny had fortunately taken a couple of milk feeds for him expecting that there might be a delay.  They did not get back to Coxstone until 14.00.  Little Miracle had 'Joint ill' this is a condition that foals can be prone to, who do not receive the colostrum from their mothers milk.  It is  very painful and needs urgent treatment.

He had to have a general anaesthetic and then two needles were put either side of his knee joint to flush out the infection.  When he came round from the anaesthetic and could stand he was demanding his next feed as he had missed one, and he was letting everyone know about it.   He is on a very strong antibiotic which is administered twice a day by injection.  He is suprising us all with his resiliance, and he is getting particularly cheeky.  Alasdair has decided that he should start drinking milk out of a bowl now, and Little Miracle has other idea's and is being very stuborn! He is making good progress and so we are keeping our fingers crossed that he has no more problems.  We now believe that he is strong enough for us to drop the 3am feed, which will ease the lack of sleep for us all. The wound on his quarters has now healed.

12.06.09 - Some pictures below of Little M in the garden today - he's looking and feeling very well.

Miracle 12

Miracle 13

Miracle 14

23.06.09 He is now looking and feeling much stronger.  It was decided it would do him good to be out in the small grass paddock with two of our elderly mares, Crystal and Dolly, for a couple of hours a day.  One of the mares is in foal so he will shortly have a playmate.  Crystal and Dolly are doing a good job of teaching Little M some manners, which he desperately needs.

Miracle 15

20.06.09 Little Miracle in hot persuit of Ann. 'Ann you need to run faster!'

Miracle 16

20.06.09 - Out in the paddock with Crystal

22.07.09 It has been a while since our last update, and we are pleased to say that Little Miracle is doing increadibly well.  Many of you might have seen him at our Open Day at the beginning of July - he seems to be getting bigger every day and Crystal is doing a very good job of keeping him in line.  He is now eating some hard feed and we have been able to drop the 4am milk feed much to everyone's delight.  Below are a couple of pictures taken today showing how big and strong he is getting.

Miracle 17

Miracle 18

05.08.09  Little Miracle is now eleven weeks old and, having battled successfully against many set backs, he has grown to an amazing size and is a picture of health.  He is without doubt the most expensive foal that we have reared by hand, but he looks as if he will finally be well worth the cost.  We have just worked out how much he has cost the SWHP to the 1st of August 09:

Item Cost
TOTAL £1,557.74
Vets Visits Day 1 £94.66
Plasma £207.95
Joint Ill Operation £479.38
VAT £78.19
Veterinary Costs £860.18
Milk Powder £697.74

We are holding a duck race and frog race with supper in aid of Little Miracle, for more information please see our dates for your diary page

Miracle 19

Little Miracle 05.08.09 with Anne & pups

21.10.09  The best news.  Little Miracle has today gone to his first home to be a playmate for a  newly weaned foal.  He has gone to a fabulous home where he will be well cared for.  He is a very lucky little man, and here we have a picture of his new keeper leading him him off to be loaded in the trailer.  There is one benefit of being hand reared, and that is they do not seem to be afraid of any type of handling by humans and he lead like a lamb into the trailer.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that he settles into his new home well.  We will be in regular contact with his new keeper and will go and see him in his new home very soon.

Miracle 1st Home

21.10.09 Off to his new home