Ginger's Journey .........

Photo 1

Ginger had extremely long hooves as you can see in the picture above and was in terrible discomfort, unable to walk, the owner said she had been like it for years. The owner arranged for a farrier to visit, however poor Ginger was in severe pain as chunks had been taken off her hooves.  This had led to an infection and when Ginger was collecedt she had no mobility.  She was brought to Coxstone where she received antibiotics and remedial farrier attention.




We are thrilled to show you an update on Ginger. She is making amazing progress and now wears front shoes, she has just started long reining to give her a bit of exercise and staff were amazed at how much she is loving it.  In fact she is enjoying it so much the girls need to wear trainers to keep up with her when long reining!! 

Ginger is a stunning mare who was in crippling pain due to the sheer neglect of her feet and we would like to say a big thankyou to Lee Morgan, one of our farriers, for his miracle work and also the dedication of the yard team for getting this lovely mare to the stage she is at now. 


Once we are satisfied she is fully fit and ready to be backed, we will move on to the next stage ..... we'll keep you posted!