Cola was born at Coxstone on 25.03.14 at 10pm out of a rescue mare called Coco.

Cola 2 hrs old.jpg

Cola 2 hours old

Cola is a lovely strong little filly and has a very bright future ahead of her.  At just 15 hours old Cola was skipping round the field and we are so thrilled that Coco has produced such a healthy little foal.

Cola with Coco 1.jpg

Coco with Cola 15 hours after foaling

Coco was signed over to our charity in July 2013.  She had originally come from 'Little Mill' four months previously, and we took her on from the person who had originally rescued her from Little Mill to continue her rehabilitation.  We suspected that Coco was in foal and she has kept us waiting a very long time, but the wait has definitely been worth it.