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Young Colt

Young Colt

We have just taken in this young colt, who is extremely thin but so very sweet.  He originally came via the Council Pound.  Our vet has been out and has body scored him as just above zero. His coat is so  long that it is only when you touch him that you can feel all his bones.  The good news is that he is not running a temperature and at this time there are no signs of any oedema's (swellings). 

We hope that his recovery will be swift with the right food, care and attention.

10.02.14 - We have had to put him in our sling system as he does not have the strength to get to his feet on his own.  We are very worried about him, but he is eating well which is a very good sign.

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The young colts name is CUDDLES, and we are pleased to report he is starting to make good progress.  He is becoming much stronger and although he is still in the sling system at night we are able to let him graze in the garden.  He is now able to get to his feet unaided but we keep the sling on for a couple of weeks just in case he gets into difficulties.

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