Latest Rescues


We received numerous calls from very concerned members of the public about a foal which had been tethered to a tree besides a dual carriageway in Cardiff.  When we got there he was covered in mud from head to toe, had no food or water and was far too young to be without his mother.  The rope was very worn and there was a risk that it might break; the little colt could have caused a serious road accident.

We loaded him into our trailer and had him back at the SWHP within a couple of hours.  He was extremely dazed and was probably in shock.  Looking at him we believe he is about 4 months old, and being so young we decided to put Georgie the goat in with him for companionship.

Over the last week or so Trevor has really started to pick up and he loves his milk pellets and stud & youngstock mix.  He's out daily in Jenny's front garden with Georgie and is enjoying the grass and freedom.  We are relieved that there seems to be nothing wrong with him and are sure he will make someone a wonderful riding cob in the future.

No owner has come forward to date - this is just one of the many horses and ponies which are being abandoned.

Trevor and Georgeweb.jpg

Trevor and Georgie two days after his rescue

Trevor Web.jpg

Trevor enjoying a lie down in his lovely bed

 Trevor and Tiggy 24.10.13.jpg

 Trevor, turned out in the field for the first time with the new love of his life Mrs Tiggywinkle 24.10.13