Latest Rescues


Topaz1We had a phone call to say the caller had seen a pony walked into a property 2 days previously and believed it was living in a garden shed.  When we were given full details it transpired to be the owner of the un-named colt who had died at SWHP a week earlier. 

We attended that evening and asked to see the pony.  We were taken to a tiny garden shed with several rabbits in cages and stood with barely enough room to move, was Topaz.  She was completely infested with lice.  The pony was signed over to us and we had to walk her back through the house to gain exit.  She is only a year old and absolutely tiny.

We brought her back to Coxstone where her lice infestation was so bad we had to clip her fur off, they were simply dropping off her.  She was passing live red worms and was basically being eaten alive from inside by the worms and from outside by the lice.  Her spine was protruding and she was very weak.  The photo below shows the number of lice on her back.


Topaz is far from out of the woods yet and will take many months of care to regain health.


UPDATE: We are so sad to say that Topaz lost her fight on 23rd December at 4am, she passed peacefully with her head on Ann's lap.