Latest Rescues


13.03.13  BODGER & BADGER

We had received a report about a number of ponies on some land in Merthyr, all in need of care and attention.  One of our supporters went to check to find two little shetlands in a terrible way.  Both were very thin and needed to be taken into care immediately. The vet has been to check them over and is happy that in time they should make a full recovery.  On first checking their teeth it is difficult to assertain their age, but the vet thinks they might be between a year and three years old.  Once they have settled the vet will be able to take a closer look.  Both are colts and will need castrating once they have gained strength and are fully well.

shetland 1.jpg

Shetland 2.jpg

01.04.13 - Sadly Badger was put to sleep, he was going down hill rapidly and all our attempts to help him had failed.  Bodger however continues to thrive and has now gone out to his first home.


13.03.13   BELLE & JASPER

We went and collected two shetlands from a lady who had kindly scooped them up off the road in the Devauden area.  Their story is that they had been abandoned in a field since October 2012 and had managed to escape onto the highway.  The kind lady had no where to keep them and asked for our help.  The headcollars on the two ponies were very tight but had fortunately not caused any damage.  The little black mare is heavily in foal and her companion is a stallion and most likely the dad of the unborn foal.  We believe that they might have had a lovely home once as they have obviously been handled at some point.  The little mare is a bit timid, but we are sure in time will start to gain confidence in people again.  The stallion is a smart little chap and we will book him in to be castrated as soon as possible, once he has been through all his health checks, worming etc. 

Shetland 3.jpg

Update June 2013 - Jasper has been castrated and has just gone to a lovely new home to be a companion to a competition horse. Belle has just had her colt foal which we have called Muffin, pictured below.  He is gorgeous and we are sure that Jasper must be the dad.

Muffin 12 hrs old.jpg