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We were contacted by some members of the public from Neath who had been walking by Grwyn-fawr reservoir, Fforest Coalpit.  They had stumbled across a little 3 - 4 week old colt foal who looked in desperate need of help.  There was no one around and no other horses or ponies so they drove all the way to Abergavenny tourist information to ask who they should contact and they suggested the SWHP.

Ann and Beckie drove to the carpark beside the reservoir and very quickly found the little foal all curled up in the bracken.  There was no one around and no sign of his mother or any other horses and ponies.  The little colt could not be left there to fend for himself, and having seen how thin he was and his injured eye they managed to safely catch him and took him straight to Abbey Vets.

At the vets he was given milk by tube, and was given injections of antibiotic and anti tetanus.  His eye injury is of great concern and we are unsure if we will be able to save his eye. 

We are unsure of how this little colt came to be where he was, but he was not frightened of humans, he had mud fever on his back legs and was covered in lice.  This leads us to believe that he may have been in a shed and someone decided to dump him out by the reservoir.  He is eating hand picked grass, foal creep pellets and loves hay which is very unusual for such a young foal - he is not at all interested in his bowl of milk at the moment.

He is an adorable little chap and we do hope that he will make a full recovery. 


Ronnie 22.08.14 - A very tired pony - he lies down for the first time after his ordeal.  He has also started drinking milk from a bowl which we are very happy about.

Ronnie 01.09.14 - Feeling much better and his eye is much improved

Ronnie web.jpg