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Rebecca II


We collected her from Llantrisant Common on Friday 22nd March.  Some kind people had been feeding her and they asked if we could help as an owner couldn't be found.  She is the sweetest kindest mare, but is incredibly thin and looking at her belly we are unsure if she is in foal or whether she has a very bad worm burden. It might be that she has had many foals in the past which can leave some mares with a larger looking belly.  Once she is stronger we will start her worming programme and will test to see if she is in foal.  We are unsure of her age at the moment, but suspect her to be aged.  We are doing everything we can to help her and hope in time that she will make a good recovery.

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Rebecca II 2.jpg

 28.03.13 - Very sad news.  Rebecca was put to sleep by the vet today.  She had gone down and after many attempts to get her back to her feet, she was unable to stand and wasn't attempting to try to get back up.  She was so week that it was decided that the kindest thing to do was to euthanize her.  She went very peacefully.  Everyone is very sad, as she was such a lovely mare.  The only concelation is that her last few days were spent in a warm stable receiving all the care and attention that she needed.