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Pandy Ponies

Bungle & Rhys from Pandy

The SWHP have recently recieved numerous reports about ponies in fields in Pandy looking thin and in need of care and attention.  Following the reports we are now monitoring them daily and we have been responsible for supplying the hayledge bales over the last couple of weeks.  We have also committed to continue to supply feed to these ponies for the foreseeable future.  The ponies do not belong to the SWHP however we are doing everything we can to ensure they have sufficient food whilst we work with the owner. 

Back on the 31st January 2014 we removed two ponies from the field which were in the worst condition with the help of Equine Welfare Consultant Philip York and a vet.  We are pleased to say that the ponies are starting to make a good recovery, and haven't stopped eating since they arrived at Coxstone.

Bungle and Rhys Pandy.jpg   


Rhys was suffering with terrible rain scald and so we gave him a gentle bath with medicated shampoo to treat the affected area.  Here he is pictured in our holding pen having his bath, and below is a picture of his back showing the extent of the rainscald.  The white patches are his skin where he has lost all his coat. 

Rhys Rainscald Feb 2014.jpg

Rhys Rainscald 2 Feb 2014.jpg