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P.C. Wilkie

P.C Wilkie

We were contacted by a police officer saying that there was a foal running around on Cefn Gola Mountain, and his mother was nowhere to be found.  He was extremely dehydrated and was frantically looking for his mother.  The wildlife officer managed to catch him and we went up to Cefn Gola with our horse ambulance to collect him.  On our journey home we went via Abbey Vets Equine Clinic and he was given intravenous saline fluid and also offered foal replacement milk out of a bowl, which he happily accepted.   He is a little colt foal and we believe him to be about 2 weeks old.

Wilkie P.C. 15.05.14 web2.jpg

At Abbey Vets drinking milk and receiving fluids

We gave him 24 hours to settle down at Coxstone and then introduced him to Lilly, our wonderful nanny horse.  She has fallen totally in love with him and is his new protector and mentor.

Wilkie and Lilly web.jpg

P.C. Wilkie with our wonderful Lilly

We are pleased to report that he is thriving, full of life and we have high hopes for his future.   

Since arriving at the SWHP P.C. Wilkie has continued to flourish, along with his friend Cefn another orphan foal of a similar age. They are both looked after by the wonderful Lily who is a fantastic nanny to them. 

wilkie resize (1).jpg


P.C Wilkie in December 2014