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Onyx & Cobalt




With further concerns regarding ponies owned by the person who signed over Topaz, Aqua & the un-named colt, we requested they get a veterinary surgeon to examine Onyx & Cobalt.  Both ponies were given a body score of 1 (scale is 0 - 5 for condtion) and were emaciated through lack of care.  The owner was advised to sign the ponies over to SWHP for them to receive the treatment they needed, however this was refused.

Unable to leave these ponies to die a slow painful death, we arranged with the police and vet in attendance to remove them. 

Onyx is a black shetland stallion and in his 20's.  To see an underweight shetland is almost unheard of and being in his twilight years he didn't deserve to suffer neglect any longer.  When we brought him back to Coxstone he had a really good roll in his lovely, dry, warm shavings ..... It was heartwarming to see.

Cobalt is only a yearling and will be clipped in the next day as completely infested with lice.  He will receive a very mild wormer as his bloated appearance would indicate a huge worm infestation and the vet advised, at this stage, it may only be the worms who are keeping him alive!