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We received a report of an orphan foal which was standing by its dead mother on Ebbw Vale on the 23rd May 2014.  We contacted the council and they advised that the R.S.P.C.A. where involved and were going to attend the report.

Later that evening Jenny received a call from the lady who had originally reported the foal to us to advise that she had waited and waited with the foal, but that the R.S.P.C.A. had not arrived.  She decided she couldn't leave the foal to fend for itself over night and on its own, and so took him in and asked for our help and advice.  We went to collect the foal from her that evening and brought him back to Coxstone where we were able to give him foal milk and keep him safe overnight.  The next morning we took him over to Margaret at The Old Forge Tack Shop in Herefordshire.  Margaret had contacted us a couple of days previously to advise that she was hand rearing an orphan foal and that if we got another one in she could help us as she was already getting up during the night to feed one foal.  We are so grateful to Margaret for her help with little Marley who is slowly becoming friends with her foal Banjo.  Margaret is going to look after Marley until he is old enough  not to need the foal milk anymore, and she has already sent us some smashing photos below.

We can't thank Margaret enough for her help with this little chap.  He couldn't be in better more experienced hands.


Marley on the left with Banjo

Marley 3 with Banjo.jpg

Marley Behind, having a skip


Marley saying hello

Marley 19.07.14 web.jpg

July 2014 - Marley update - Here he is with his companion Banjo.  Marley is growing up to be a very big boy.  He is currently getting through three pints of foal milk every three hours (but not through the night now).  Marley and Banjo also have access to foal creep pellets during the day and night.  He has been visted by the farrier who picked up all four feet and gave the front two a gentle rasp, and he is being taught how to lead.  A huge thank you again to Margaret at the Old Forge Tack Shop in Wormbridge, Herefordshire, who is looking after him and all his day to day needs.