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Suffering on Cefn Golau

Nessa and Gwen Update  16/7/15

Both mare and foal are doing very well.

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Gwen & foal 

Nessa, as we have named her,  the mare rescued from Cefn Golau in May has just been turned out with her foal Gwen today at Coxstone Farm June 15th 2015.

Foal June 10thThe mare recently rescued from Cefn Golau has today given birth to a beautiful filly. Both mum and foal are doing well. See below when she was rescued 14th May 2015.


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Last week whilst on Cefn Golau several horses were found to be in a suffering state. On Thursday 14th May, we have taken 2 of these into our care with support from Local Authority Officers and the Charity's veterinary surgeon. The large mare is heavily pregnant and the other pony is badly infested with lice.


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Below -safely in our isolation unit where we will care for them as sensitively and as quickly as is possible. Rescued 14th May 2015.


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