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Yesterday a kind member of the public rang us to report a very sick foal. Based on the information that we were given, we guessed that we needed to respond immediately if we were to have a chance of saving him.

The owner was contacted and agreed to transfer the ownership of him to the Society. Within 2 hours of receiving the call he was carried to our trailer and taken to our vets near Abergavenny. After an initial assessment he was given plenty of fluids, antibiotics and made comfortable for the night.

As is often the case you do all that you possibly can but after that it is often left to fate. He was monitored throughout the night and is still fighting so this morning he will be given more fluids and further antibiotics to help fight off an infection that he has.

Staff have named him Howell and we will give you all a further update regarding his progress.

04.12.14 - Sadly Little Howell lost his battle today and slipped away in his sleep.  Everyone at the SWHP are extremely sad that we were unable to save him.  At least his last days were spent being cared for. 

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