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At SWHP this is one of the worst cases of animal neglect we have ever encountered.

We had a call from a landowner near Crickhowell to say there was a horse abandoned in his field and it was looking poor.  Our Field Officer attended without delay to find this Thoroughbred mare, we named Hope, with several other horses.  She was in a terrible state suffering from severe malnutrition, lice infestation, worm burden, rainscald and a badly infected hoof which was preventing her being able to get to the water supply.  Our ambulance was deployed immediately and Hope was taken directly to the vets for emergency treatment.

We brought her back to our intensive care where she was aided by our specially designed hoist, she was kept warm and finally had the hay, food and medication she so desperately needed.  Hope was monitored over the next 3 days but sadly her internal organs began to close down and it was clear Hope wasn't going to make it.  The neglect this horse had suffered was simply too much for her weak body to take.  She was put to sleep in a warm stable, surrounded by those who cared.

Hope's story was even more shocking when we discovered she was successful racehorse, registered as 'Out of Nothing', winning 3 races and being placed in 8, racing in the UK and in Ireland.  She was barely 13 years old and was retired from racing in 2014.  Hope had received the very best care whilst in training and we have received many messages from stable lads saying what a wonderful kind mare she was, with the heart of a lion and all are deeply saddened that her life ended this way. 

R.I.P. HOPE - 14/04/2003 - 16/02/2016