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Four Cobs from Rhymney


On the 9th January 2014 we received a report of 4 cobs in Rhymney, S. Wales in need of attention.  We contacted Philip York, Equine Welfare Consultant, who went straight out to see the cobs on our behalf.  What he found shocked him and with a vets and police in attendance we went to collect them that evening.

They arrived back at our Centre and went straight into our Isolation Unit.  We had to cut the nylon rope off the nose of one of the cobs which had grown into his face right down to the bone. 

All four cobs were very underweight, covered in lice, and suffering with pneumonia.   They had been found on a patch of muddy ground tied to pallets with nylon rope.  They were owned by young boys who had apparently been given them and were riding them to school, tying them to railings and then riding them home.  They did not have access to water and were not being feed properly.

They are now safe and being cared for, and we hope that in time they will all make a full recovery.

As there are so many unwanted young cobs, especially colts everywhere we are sure that this will be happening more and more. 

Below are some pictures - please be warned the picture of the horses nose is quite upsetting.

4 cobs 1.jpg

4 cobs 2.jpg

4 cobs 3 resize.jpg

4 cobs 4.jpg

4 cobs 5.jpg

4 cobs Nosey 2.jpg

4 Cobs Nosey.jpg

Nylon rope.jpg