Latest Rescues

Foal from Merthyr Common

We received a phone call from Anne Keating on the evening of Saturday 21st September saying she had received to a call from a member of the public who had spotted a foal with a damaged leg on Merthyr Common.  Anne Keating was able to catch the foal and when we arrived at Merthyr Common late in the evening we soon realised that the foals leg was very badly broken and that there was sadly nothing that we could do.  We called Honddu Vets and they were with us within 20 minutes to euthanase the foal.  We think the foal had been kicked by a stallion and it was in a very bad way.  We arrived back at the SWHP with the dead foal just before midnight.  Sadly we were unable to help this foal, but at least we were able to act quickly and relieve the terrible pain that the foal must have been in. 

We would like to thank Anne Keating, Honddu vets for their quick response and for Monmouthshire Hunt for collecting the foal from the SWHP.