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Faith was spotted by one of our supporters in Llangynidwr, in a small herd with her foal from last year by her side.  The foal looked well, however Faith was severely malnourished and had a large lump on the side of her face, which was clearly causing her significant pain.

She was transported to SWHP and assessed by our vet where it was diagnosed she was suffering from a tooth which was growing irregularly and cutting into the soft tissue inside of her mouth.  It was ulcerated, bleeding and a large amount of scar tissue had built up, causing the visual swelling on the the outside of her face.  She was taken to the veterinary clinic where they extracted the tooth.

It is apparent that Faith was not a native pony to mountain life.  She was easy to catch, lead, travel etc and we believe Faith was originally a family pet or child's pony.  She was probably abandoned on the mountain, for reasons we do not know.

Faith will remain at Coxstone until she has recovered from her surgery and is back to good health.