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Skewbald Colt - 3 months old    Arrived at the SWHP 28.05.13

We went and collected him from Manmoel Common as he had a massive abscess on his stomach, and he was starting to go downhill.  We were unfortunately unable to catch his mum as she was so wild.  We took Duke II directly to the vets where the abscess was lanced and the wound area was flushed and he was given antibiotics.  We are continuing to flush the wound area and he is still receiving antibiotics.  We are thrilled to report that he is doing really well and is accepting foal milk from the bottle.  Even better news is that Lilly, one of our longer term residents, has adopted him and they are inseparable.

If you would like to help pay for Duke's milk then please text SWHP22 £2 to 70070 - This will send us £2 and it is amazing how the money mounts up.  If you would like to send us more than £2 then please go to our donations page under HOW TO HELP, where you can send us a donation by different methods.      

Duke II crop.jpg    

Lilly & Duke II