Latest Rescues

Tipper & Topper & Winston

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Jenny with our little orphans 30-04-2015, just days after their rescue.

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A very busy day for the team today (24/04/2015). 20 minutes after returning from South Wales feeding on Cefn Golau, we received a call for help from Caerphilly Council with an abandoned 2 day old foal. So back we went to rescue this little chap. A busy night lays ahead with bottle feeding every 2 hours!

26/04/2015 -The Society has again stepped in to rescue another abandoned foal. Having been taken straight to the vets for a quick intake of vital fluids, antibiotics and a check up, he is now safely in a stable under a heat lamp. So it is 2 mouths to feed every 2 hours!

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04/05/2015 - The Society has stepped in once more to rescue a foal from Cefn Golau in South Wales. We believe this little chap, who we have named Winston, is no more than 4 days old. He is doing surprisingly well and slowly getting his strength back.

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