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We received a phone call from a supporter who's window cleaner had seen a mare with overgrown feet in Fforest Coalpit.  It didn't appear to be critical at this point and arrangements were made for the Field Officer to attend.  Within a few minutes we received a distressed call from a walker who had walked miles to get reception on his mobile phone to call us about the same grey mare.  It was clear from this conversation this was an emergency and Ann left SWHP with our horse ambulance within 10 minutes.  Unable to drive the trailer to the location, Ann walked 3 miles to find the mare and when she found her she was sickened at the state of her front hooves.  The mare was in a huge amout of pain and discomfort.  She had maggots in the gapping holes in her hooves, dehydrated, malnourished and was lice infested.  Ann immediately called Abbey Equine Clinic and stayed with the mare until Sarah arrived.  Initially is was thought it may be kinder to have her put to sleep as the walk to the trailer was nearly 3 miles, however with her true welsh mare fighting spirit it was decided with the vet's agreement the mare would receive painkillers and the long journey to the trailer would begin.  Curly had different ideas and tried to escape up a bramble covered embankment but Ann and Sarah convinced her otherwise although both have the cuts and grazing to show for their efforts.  It took hours to get her back to the trailer.  Once there she decided she'd had enough and promptly kicked Ann on the leg.  The girls convinced the only passerby, a walker, to help them to load her into the trailer and she made her journey to Coxstone.  She had her hooves X rayed and the vet confirmed that surprisingly there was no visable, so our farrier Lee Morgan was able to trim the hooves back as far as was comfortable for her.  She is a little wobbly on her legs whilst she gets familiar with her new hooves but the future is looking good for Curly!