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We were contacted by the council and asked if we could help with a lovely mare which had been found on Gelligaer Common in an emaciated state.  We didn't have any immediate space for her and a kind farmer agreed to take her in for a couple of days until we could go and collect her. 

Cora1 web.jpg

The vet has come out to our stables today to give her a check over and to take blood samples to see if there might be underlying problems as to why she is so underweight.  She has the sweetest of natures and has been very well handled in the past.   We so hope that the blood results will be positive.  She hasn't stopped eating since she arrived and she has a bright eye which is good news.

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08.05.14 - Today we have some sad news, Cora was put to sleep by the vet due to a fractured hip.  We are not sure how she did it, but being old and having been undernourished her bones were not as strong as they should have been.  We are all incredibly upset as she was such a character.  At least her last few months were spent being well looked after, having access to lots of food and being loved.