Latest Rescues


We were contacted by the council asking if we could help with a little 12.3 hh colt who had been found abandoned and needing help.  He arrived here with four little shoes on his hooves and a lump on his spine, which we think has been caused by an ill fitted saddle.  We believe him to be about 3 years old, and he appears to be a little stiff in his back legs.  Looking at all the pieces of the puzzle, we believe he has been ridden before he is old and strong enough to take the weight of a rider.  Fortunately his body condition is not too bad, and he is not frightened of people, so we don't believe he has been knowingly mistreated by being ridden at such a young age.  

 Conker resize.jpg

Unfortunately he did not have a microchip, so the council were unable to trace an owner.   

He is a really sweet pony and we are sure that in time he will make a good recovery and a lovely little riding pony.  He is currently in our isolation unit recieving good food and lots of attention until we are confident he is free of any infection or disease  and then he will be brought up to our main yard.

August 2014 - Conker is now out in a lovely home and wanted to say HELLO