Latest Rescues


 Cefn was found on marshland near Swansea all on his own by a lady walking her dogs.  She was not horsey but realised that he shouldn't be without his mum, and although she looked for hours, his mum was no where to be found.  She called the RSPCA who attended but they were unable to take him in.  The lady decided she couldn't leave him there as she was worried he would drown without his mum to look after him. 

She took him to a friend who had some horse knowledge and they telephoned several welfare organisations to see if anyone could help.  

When she contacted us we initially put her in touch with another lady who was looking for a companion for her recently orphaned foal.  This sadly did not work out so we arranged to have Cefn here to be with PC Wilkie and Lilly.  One of our mares, Nancy, seems to have taken a real shine to him and so we now have a great foursome Lilly with PC Wilkie and Nancy with Cefn.  They are a lovely sight.  

Cefn and Nancy 16.06.14.jpg

 Cefn with Nancy.  Lilly and P.C.Wilkie are taking refuge from the sun and flies in the field shelter.