Latest Rescues



After receiving the call regarding Topaz in the garden we were also informed that the owner had 2 horses in a livery yard close by so we paid a visit on route.  We were shown 2 ponies by the yard owner, one was satisfactory and the other was poor Aqua.

He was stood in a stable in the same state as Topaz and the un-named colt who'd died, riddled with lice, passing live red worms, emaciated and his sheath was swollen to the size of a melon.

Due to lack of condition his organs were failing to expel toxins and they were gathering in this swelling on his sheath.

We spoke to the owner and they agreed to sign him over.  When we asked how he had got from the field several miles away to the livery yard, we were informed he was ridden there!  With the lack of muscle left on his his body we were surprised he made the journey on foot, let alone carrying a rider.

He is a super pony and we really hope he makes a full recovery as he will give someone so much pleasure.