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Amy & Todd

Amy was taken in from Cefn Gola on the 3rd of May in a very poor condition.  She was extremely thin through starvation and we were extremely worried for her as she was in foal.

Over the first week and a half of her being here we were having to help her to get to her feet as she was often too weak to stand unaided.  Being heavily in foal we were also unable to use our sling system, so the staff have been diligently checking on her regularly to see if she needed any help.

On Wednesday evening 15th May at just gone 5.30pm Jenny MacGregor, popped out to check on Amy to find her lying down having half given birth to little Todd. One of our staff had checked her just 15 minutes earlier with no sign of her foaling.   Poor Amy was too weak to continue the delivery on her own and so Jenny, who is rising 81, stepped in and delivered her first ever foal.  Much celebration happened that evening and one or two glasses were raised to Amy and Todd.

We are pleased to say that both mum and foal are doing really well considering the poor condition of mum.  However Amy will still need a lot of help over the coming weeks as she is not out of the woods yet.  The staff will be checking on her throughout the day and night as she still needs help to get to her feet to feed Todd. 

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