Control of Horses in Wales - Bill receives Royal Assent

January 30, 2014 (0:00AM)

We are thrilled to report that the Welsh Bill for the Control of Horses in Wales has received Royal Assent and that as of Tuesday 28th January 2014 it is now law in Wales.  For a full report of what this means please see this link to the British Horse Society Website

As many of our members may remember, our charity went to the Welsh Assembly back in October 2011 with our mascot Sebastian, Chairman Jenny MacGregor and Trustee Sian Lloyd and presented a petition of over 2,200 signatures calling for the enforcement of Micro-chipping laws which would help enable us to identify the owners of those horses abandoned and taken in to care.  We believe that this was the first step in alerting the Welsh Assembly of the problems facing us and all the Equine Charities in Wales.  As mentioned in the BHS report, we do so hope that England will adopt the same legislation for the sake of equine welfare throughout the UK.

Jenny and Seb.jpeg

October 2011 at the Welsh Assembly