RIP Lilly, Nanny to our Orphan Foals

March 29, 2017 (0:00AM)

Duke II And Lily 31.05.13 Newsletter - Copy 

Farewell to Lilly


Every horse and pony that arrives at SWHP is special, they each have their own amazing story to tell.  When aged mare Lilly was found eight years ago in a field at Pontypool her emaciated condition, hidden by a rug shocked us all.  Due to her age we felt Lilly could not be rehomed and would see out her days at Coxstone.  However, when she was fully restored to health we very soon discovered she had a passion for young foals and during her eight wonderful twilight years with us she has raised no fewer than twelve orphan foals, the most recent being Cracker and Chance.


  Lilly was priceless to us and those orphan foals, she allowed them to suckle - though she had no milk -she gave them great comfort that only a mother can give, she loved them all dearly and they in turn loved her as did we all.


She instilled them with good manners and corrected them  when needed so they  grew up happy youngsters with a good future ahead of them. 


Last week, Lilly now in her thirties started to fail and we knew, with the heaviest of hearts, the kindest decision was for her to be put to sleep.  She is resting under her favourite tree in the paddock where she always liked to snooze with a foal at her side.  She is deeply missed by all especially Cracker , Ann our Yard Manager and the staff who looked after her for many years.  We know she will also be missed by our many loyal supporters who made a point of visiting Lilly and her latest orphan foal when coming to Coxstone. Sleep soundly dear Lilly.