Proof The Microchip System Works

February 07, 2017 (0:00AM)

Onyx, one of our recent rescues, was scanned (as are all of our intakes) for a microchip and he was found to be registered on the database.  We contacted the last registered owner only to find not only did she breed him 20 years ago, but that she is a member of SWHP!  She was horrified to think he had ended up in rescue centre.

Onyx (real name is Pedro) left the next day to be re-united with his breeder who had sold him to a reputable home several years previous.  He has settled in really well with Cobalt, his companion who was rescued with him.  This was the best outcome we could have hoped for.

As responsible owners please ensure your horse's microchip is registered to you, the system does work if owners update their details.