Commons of South Wales - Monitoring and feeding of equines

October 30, 2014 (0:00AM)

When time and resources permit our charity has been monitoring the many herds of ponies spread across the commons of South Wales.  Like in many previous winters, we will shortly begin feeding hay to those equines that need their meagre diets supplemented.  This is an expensive and time consuming task, but is vital to the survival of these ponies.

Very quickly the ponies begin to gather at the feeding sites and often come from miles around at the mere sight of the truck.  It is also a good opportunity to monitor the health and welfare of individual ponies and at this point problems can often be identified quickly, allowing for the appropriate action to be taken where necessary.

On the 28th October 2014 a very lame colt pony was found on Cefn Golau please see this link for his full story. 

Cefn Golau Oct 14 c.jpg Pony rescued from Cefn Golau