Report a Welfare Case

SWHP can deal with cases of abuse or neglect of horses or ponies in the approximate area extending from Swansea in the West, to Gloucester in the east and Hereford to the north, with occasional forays over the Severn Bridge to the Bristol area.

Information on animals considered to be at risk should, in the first instance, be reported to SWHP by telephone on 01600 750233. The situation can then be discussed and appropriate action decided upon.

How We Go About Taking An Animal Into Care

Upon receiving a report of an animal in need of help, our practice is as follows:-

Establish ownership of the land/yard and ownership of the animal(s).  This may involve local informants or the police.

Establish the reasons for the animal's condition and offer help and advice.  Sometimes this offer is gratefully received but, even with supreme tact, there are cases where our intervention is not welcome.

If the owner is not prepared to co-operate and the animal a) is at serious risk and b) is being caused unnecessary suffering as defined in the 2006 Act we ask a veterinary surgeon to certify that the animal needs to be taken into care.  This statement is witnessed by a Police Officer and an officer will supervise the removal of the animal.

The SWHP does not prosecute owners who abuse their animals (to find out why, go to About SWHP and read the section on Our Strategy).

The Police may decide to prosecute or they may persuade the owner to sign over the animal to SWHP in lieu of prosecution.

Remember, if you see a horse or pony about whose welfare you are concerned, call SWHP on 01600 750233.